Making Sewer Lateral Responsibilities Easy

In Santa Cruz, property owners are responsible for the upkeep of their private sewer service lateral. It's the pipeline connecting your building to the public sewerage system.

Do these Santa Cruz, CA, regulations have you puzzled? Simplify the process by calling us at Redwood Pipe & Drain for a sewer inspection.

Santa Cruz County Ordinances

If you're within certain areas and your building is more than 20 years old, you must get your pipes inspected by professionals before sale. Immediate repairs are mandatory if necessary.

Still unsure if you fall under this? Refer to these Santa Cruz County, Davenport, and Freedom maps, or reach the Public Works Department at 831-454-2160.

City of Santa Cruz Ordinances

City laws demand pipe inspection and repair prior to selling properties, with varied frequency based on property type. Spill incidents warrant immediate response to stave off fines.

Did your inspection fail? It's time to update your sewer lines, or use a Transfer of Responsibility to Repair form with your buyer.

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